5 Ways to not just practice but live the Yoga lifestyle


Remember the good old days when you’d jump right out of the bed and head to your yoga classes with bright smile? Is it still the same after 5-6 months? Or has your routine turned materialistic?

Yes there are materialistic gains to yoga but it’s more about developing oneself mentally, physically and spiritually. So if your routine has turned into a rut here’s few changes you need in order to turn your practice into a lifestyle.

Get your thinking right

Well if your love for yoga is based on the number of mats you own, or the expensive yoga pants you got you’ve got the idea of yoga wrong.

The yoga business is on the rise due to which there seems to a divide in class amongst various yogis from different backgrounds but remember yoga isn’t just for the rich. It’s for those that are truly dedicated and want to connect with themselves on a physical and mental level.

Stop thinking of ahimsa as veganism

If you’ve been told that ahimsa means you need to switch to veganism the first and foremost thing you actually need to do is get away. While it may sound a valid reason it’s too complicated and broad a topic to bring it down to just food.

There’s plenty of violence around both physical, verbal etc. and as a yogi your focus should be on spreading the positivity and maintaining peace.

Stop being a critique

Have you been pose shaming your fellow yogis? Well let’s get one thing straight, this practice is downright unacceptable. Yes social media is an obvious cause but what’s saddening to see is that yoga trainers across the world have chosen to turn a blind eye towards it.

Each body varies in flexibility, shape etc. and thus the asana also tends to differ. Poking fun other is lame and thus not in the true spirit of yoga and as such should be avoided.

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Treat both yourself and others right

While it’s right to be concerned about your needs, health etc. neglecting the need of others is simply not the yoga way. Yes yoga requires you to give plenty of time and energy in improving yourself my advice would be to not let it reach a delusional stage.

Service done to oneself is a good but service done to others is great. This is an important aspect of yoga and should never be forgotten.

Stop ignoring the spiritual aspect

Yes yoga does have a spiritual aspect and ignoring it only takes you away from the deeper meaning of it but when I say spiritual aspect I am not referring to any religion.

This isn’t about any religion or simply staying fit, it’s much deeper and a way of life. Keep an open mind and you’ll experience personal growth and physical development like never before.