Guidelines for your guest post.

What’s there for you?


One thing that guest posting will always provide you with is exposure. Different sites and blogs have various kinds of audiences that they cater to. When you guest post, you get to know the audience’s taste, how they react to your style of writing, or what they are looking for when reading an article. This helps you get to know what to write and how when writing for a certain kind of audience.

Get Known

After a few posts, the users of this site will get to know you, and recognize you. They will begin connecting to you on various different platforms and help you in increasing your platform.

Get promoted

Your article will be promoted on the various other platforms YogaBabeLife is connected to.

Who Are Our Readers?

Our readers are people who are interested in Yoga, Yoga Gurus, fitness lovers, even people who don’t do yoga but our interested in gaining some theoretical knowledge.

What Are We Looking For In A Guest Post? Rules and Regulations

The guest post that we at YogaBabeLife are looking for should cover aspects of Yoga. From various yoga exercises and how to perform them correctly, to the best material for yoga clothes, from mistakes that you can make while doing yoga to the different types of yoga mats and their uses.

Rules and Regulations

Your post should be original, plagiarism won’t be accepted.

Avoid plagiarism and copying someone else’s work. The post should be written by you and should not be something that has previously been published elsewhere.

It should not promote a program, product, or a company.

Guest posts should not be disguised reviews of products.

Posts shouldn’t be generic because they can be found anywhere on the internet. They should talk about something specific. This is because we want our readers to read something different and not something they can easily find anywhere else. For example, if you submit a post about the importance of yoga, our team will reject it, but if it is about a certain yoga exercise and the various benefits it has its correct posture, the team will approve it.

Your post will be edited before being published. This will be done in order to avoid any grammatical mistakes or repetitions.

Send pictures along with it because we get a lot of content, and looking for pictures for every post can increase the workload by hours.

Do not post your blog links on the post. However, you can post the link to the guest post on your blog.

The post should not be anything less than 750 words.

With your posts pouring in, you’ll become a part of the family. We are looking forward to your submission. You can send them in at