5 Reasons you every yogi needs an inversion table right now

Ever heard of an Inversion Table? No? That is too sad because if you are one of those people who suffer from constant back pain or stiff joints then, inversion table is the answer to all your problems.

An inversion table is a cost effective way to relieve you of your back pain by using the simple force of gravity. It requires you to hang upside down but in an inverted angle by keeping your feet lower than your heart, this position helps in applying pressure to your spine and helps in considerably reducing your back pain and stiff joints.

That is not all though, here are the top 5 awesome benefits of using inversion tables regularly at home:

Relieves back pain

The most important benefit of using an inversion table is that it relieves your back pain without any kind of surgery. A back surgery is painful and requires a lot of time to cover from but an inversion table eliminated the need for the surgery by relieving the patient’s back pain when used regularly. So, instead of going for an invasive back surgery, get yourself an inversion table therapy and see the results for yourself.

Better blood circulation

As you are hanging upside down, your blood flows to your brain and increases your blood circulation and provides more oxygen to your brain which helps in the better functioning of the brain and improved circulation.

An inversion table is found to be quite helpful in moving the stagnated blood as the user is hung against gravity which results in boosted blood circulation and better mental health.

Better mood

Another great benefit of using an inversion table is that it eliminated depression and mood swings and leaves you feeling much happier than before. When you are hanging upside down, your blood circulation improves which results in the release of neurotransmitters which nullify the hormonal imbalance which cause depression and mood swings in a person. So now all you have to do to stay happy is just use an inversion table whenever you feel sad or depressed.

Maintains height

It is a well-known fact that an average person loses around ¾-inches of height every day between when he is awake and when he goes to sleep. This is due to the spinal compression which occurs due to the gravity and can be fixed with the help of an inversion table. So, using an inversion table can reverse these effects and help you in maintaining your original height.

Helps your lymph system

An inversion table is also known to help in flushing out the toxins and waste from the lymph system by hanging upside down from it.  A lymph system has its waste travelling in one direction which can cause the accumulation of waste in the lymph system. This inversion table helps in removing the lactic acid and other wastes and can free your lymphatic system of all its waste and toxins.

Here’s a guide on how to use it and safety tips