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Welcome to YogaBabe!1Yoga, Fitness & NutritionBe Brave. Be Mindful. Be Here.2#NoRegretsDo All Things With Great Love3#LetLoveLeadFitness for Fun, Yoga Lovin' Women4#YBgratefulOm Shanti5Love, Light & Peace to All

Week 4 Schedule + Winner Announcement!

By Dana G

Jul 27, 2014 YB Flow, YB Life, YB Sculpt0 Comments

Well, hey there lil mama!

Can you believe it’s already WEEK 4 of the Beat This Summer Series?! We’re at the halfway mark — and all of you are seriously rockin’ the challenge.

This week is all about checking in with your intentions. Remember the intentions that you set from Week 1? I invite you to check in with them this week and recommit yourself to your unique intentions. Don’t worry if you’ve “fallen away” from the path…just hop right back on or create a n [...]

Week 3 Schedule + Week 2 Winner :)

By Dana G

Jul 20, 2014 YB Life0 Comments

This week is all about finding your authentic sweet spot. I want you to focus on really walking your talk this week. At the end of the day, we are what we do — not what we say we’re going to do. Remember that with each challenge that arises this week, how would you handle it if you were living in expression of your highest self?

Week 2 Winner Announcement: [...]

Play it Again LEGS

By Dana G

Jul 15, 2014 YB Sculpt0 Comments

Your NEW YogaBabe Sculpt workout is here! Today we’re tippin’ our hats to Luke Bryan’s “Play it Again” with this YBSculpt routine that focuses on creating strong + sturdy LEGS. We’re puttin’ a little pilates into the mix to really feel the burn! Check out Luke’s video for “Play it [...]

Week 2 Affirmation

By Dana G

Jul 15, 2014 Off-the-Mat, YB Life, YB Meditations0 Comments

Here is your Week 2 Affirmation … hot off the press!

Stamp it on your heart, feel it with every inhale and release it to the universe on every exhale. Allow it to be a song that plays within your heart through each day. 

Telling yourself that you are happy, healthy, and loved is the first step to actually believing that you are happy, healthy + loved. Once you believe it, you will swiftly attract those things that will make you feel this way.

Get it, [...]

BTTS Week 2 Schedule + Winner Announced!

By Dana G

Jul 13, 2014 Off-the-Mat, YB Life, YB Sculpt0 Comments

Darlin YogaBabe,

Welcome to WEEK 2 of the Beat This Summer Series! This week is all about calling in your ADVENTURE. I want you to really get out of your comfort zone this week and dream up your adventurous life. An adventurous life doesn’t mean that you have to travel across the world (unless you want to — go for it!!), but it just means taking more risks and putting yourself out there on a daily basis. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to, smile at a p [...]


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